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My name is Colin Wood and I own a small company, based in England called Woodpecker UK Ltd. I have been working in the PDR Industry in one form or other since 1994 and if there’s one thing I have learned for certain, it is that you can only be the best there is, until you see someone better. If you don’t always do your best and push the limits of what you think is possible, you Will eventually find them!

That said, I have always held the mantra “Do the best job you are possibly able to do, then you never have to beat yourself up about the “If only”… which often follows a setback”. That ethos is what drives Woodpecker UK forward, always looking to find better ways of doing what I do. My most loyal customers want the best quality and value for money, so I aim to provide it and the fact that I have both trade and retail customers that have used me consistently since the late 90’s tells me that I must be doing something right!

As a European hail contractor since 2008, I have had the good fortune of being able to meet and work with hundreds of world class technicians from many different countries. Almost every one of them has taught me something and hopefully they too have left me carrying more knowledge than they came with. The unique position of my engineering background together with the knowledge and insight I have drawn from these experiences in the PDR world has culminated in a small range of high quality tools and accessories for professional Paintless Dent Repairers. We make and sell tools which make your job better, neater, easier, faster or any combination of the above! Designed and built in-house from quality components, we are super proud of what we do. The Hashtag  ” #makebetterrepairsfaster “, pretty much sums up everything we aim to help you to do with our tools.

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Based here in North Lincolnshire since 2017, my first commercial idea that I brought to market was the “ToolTamer”. Currently out of production until I can find a more cost effective way of manufacturing them without compromising on quality, it was a unique product that everyone who bought one, loved what it did. One day, I hope to reintroduce it back to the Woodpecker UK range, but the work involved in making the last batch meant I was working for less than minimum wage and I don’t want to make up for that by either compromising on quality or charging unrealistic prices for my tools, so watch this space, they will be back… 

My next product was the very successful HeatSabre. Having bought a Betag HotBox and almost instantly recognising the limitation of being too close to the work area, the solution was relatively simple, once the electronic circuitry had been fathomed out. Other products quickly followed and other technicians have brought me some fantastic ideas and concepts for development such as the Reflect-O-Mat and our latest release, the “Monocle”.

The whole Woodpecker UK range is available right here in our online shop and some lines can be purchased from other reputable PDR tool outlets such as TDNTools and Dent Tool Shop Japan amongst others.

“If you like what we do – tell everyone, if you don’t – tell us!”


Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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