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The HeatSabre gives you a similar distance from eye to dent as you have with your blending hammer saving you time in resetting your optical focus between operations and making most efficient use of the machine.

Separate versions designed specifically for both the Betag T-Hotbox & the Woyo are available, check out the descriptions on the individual models in the store for more information.

HeatSabres are available in 2 standard lengths – 400mm and 600mm Longer versions could be produced by special order. Enquire for more details.

I find the 400 is most used for general purpose, but the 600 is invaluable when working on Larger cars or commercial vehicles.

After only a fraction of a second, when viewing from the angle and distance acheived by use of a HeatSabre, the difference in the surface of the panel between hot and cold, is clear to see. Without the use of a HeatSabre, when your eye is closer to the dent and therefore also at a steeper angle, the heated area will need to be hotter in comparison to the surrounding metal before you can see the resultant expansion appear to your eye. By using a HeatSabre, you are less likely to burn the paint!

The head connector has been specially designed to allow the angle of the “V” sight to be adjustable. It allows adjustment for the perfect viewing angle through the ‘V-sight’ regardless of left or right-handed operation and the latest models are built to enable adjustment of the operation button so as to enable the most ergonomic working position for your hand/finger/thumb, whichever is most comfortable.

The Video below shows the basic technique used for using a HeatSabre with a blending hammer to level out small dents and undulations in panels, while the embedded YouTube video at the bottom gives a nuts and bolts comparrison between the Betag and Woyo steel Inducyion machines, showing physically How they help you turn electricity into dent repairs!