3M S/S Induction Output Cable

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This top specification Induction Output Cable is 3 Metres long and has a standard, straight connector on both ends.

For full details, see ‘Description’ below.

Straight connectors are ideal for connecting to a HeatSabre input socket or to your machines output socket. Your machine would have been delivered with a cable that has 2 straight connectors.

A 3 Metre cable is great if you like to have your machine at the side of the car and want to reach all over one side, without moving the machine. You would then have to move the setup to repair the front, the back or the other side. A 5 Metre cable is great if for example, you want to leave your machine set up in one place and get to work all over one side and the front and back, without having to move it. A 9 Metre cable would allow you do pretty much the whole car without having to move the machine. This one is 3 Metres long, for a longer cable, see our cables page.

All our Output Cables are suitable for use with the Betag T-HotBox, Betag Alu-HotBox, Woyo PDR007 and Woyo PDR009. There may also be other manufacturers of Induction machine that use the same connector protocol which will benefit from an upgrade to one of our cables.

If you require a bespoke length or design feature, please get in touch, we may be able to help. Contact us

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This cable is 3 Metres long and has a standard, straight connector on both ends.

All of our induction machine output cables are made from the same specification of top quality screened cable as is supplied with the Hotbox by the worlds top manufacturer. For such a heavy duty cable, the hundreds of fine cross section strands gently twisted together for each conductor make them surprisingly flexible and easy to work with. They easily carry the heaviest current your machine can throw at it without a problem. The connectors at either end of all our cables, are also the same high quality specification connectors that are supplied by the best manufacturers in the indsustry. Made in Leichtenstein, these genuine Neutrik fittings are as tough and reliable as they come. Where the cable leaves the gland at each end, they are fitted with adhesive lined reinforcement sleeves to prevent the cable from pulling out of the connector. The reinforcements also help to prevent repeated sharp bends in the cable as it leaves the gland, making it less likely to cause internal conductor breakages.

A screened cable creates what is called a 'Faraday Cage' around the cable which can help prevent harmful magnetic fields from escaping from the walls of the cable during use and also prevents any harmful external magnetic fields from entering the cable and damaging your machine. If you choose to use an unscreened cable, you run the risk of the electromagnetic radiation utilised by your induction machine damaging the sensitive electronics often fitted to modern cars. If not contained properly, electromagnetic radiation could cause real damage to sensitive electronics, which can prove to be very costly. With our screened cables, you're significantly less likely to have these issues.

We have made these cables to last and to do the job right first time and every time.

A 3 Metre cable weighs around 530g around (1lb 3oz)


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