4M S/S Induction Output Cable

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This top specification Induction Output Cable is 4 Metres long and has a standard, straight connector on both ends.

For full details, see ‘Description’ below.

Straight connectors are ideal for connecting to a HeatSabre input socket or to your machines output socket. Your machine would have been delivered with a cable that has 2 straight connectors.

A 3 Metre cable is great if you like to have your machine at the side of the car and want to reach all over one side, without moving the machine. You would then have to move the setup to repair the front, the back or the other side. A 5 Metre cable is great if for example, you want to leave your machine set up in one place and get to work all over one side and the front and back, without having to move it. A 9 Metre cable would allow you do pretty much the whole car without having to move the machine. This one is a perfect length at 4 Metres long, for a longer cable, see our cables page.

All our Output Cables are suitable for use with the Betag T-HotBox, Betag Alu-HotBox, Woyo PDR007 and Woyo PDR009. There may also be other manufacturers of Induction machine that use the same connector protocol which will benefit from an upgrade to one of our cables.

If you require a bespoke length or design feature, please get in touch, we may be able to help. Contact us

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