Betag T-Hotbox – Steel Complete with Micro Head!

£1,896.00 +VAT

Betag T-Hotbox – PDR Induction Machine for Steel – “Micro” Heat Pen Version!

Standard Betag T-Hotbox but with the Micro Heat Pen instead of the Standard Heat Pen. The Heat Pens alone are £760+VAT, so these are a great price for the quality of product you get!

If you’ve not used a T-Hotbox before, I recommend you first start with the standard Heat Pen, because this Micro Heat Pen is really aimed at seasoned professionals. If you don’t know how to use it, you’ll be really lucky to work it out before you cause some damage to a panel!  I’m not saying that it’s dangerous, but it’s not going to make an idiot into a professional. If you’re familiar with induction dent repair, then this 3686 Micro Heat Pen is really worth its weight in gold!

Betag T-Hotbox – Make better repairs faster.


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The Betag T-Hotbox is the undisputed industry standard when it comes to PDR Induction Machines.

We have limited stock of these, but I can honour this price for any orders taken while it''s live on my web site. If you want one, place an order and if they're in stock, you'll get it shipped next day with FedEx, if not in stock, (you'll see if they're in stock at time of ordering) your name will be on the next shipment I get in. If you are interested in buying a longer output cable, a Cart Cable and a HeatSabre at the same time, or any combination of the above get in touch, and I'll do you a good deal for the whole package.

You may find this video interesting if you've not seen it yet: Like and subscribe if you want to see other upcoming videos.

The Video is a direct like for like comparison of the Betag machine alongside a Woyo machine. It doesn't show them removing a dent, but it shows you exactly how the heat is radiated from the heat pen so you can better understand how and why the machine works and how it helps you to repair a dent. When you see the part where I show the difference between the two machines in respect to the area over which the heat is applied, take note that the Betag machine is using the standard 3670 Head or Heat Pen. This 3686 Micro Heat Pen, emits its output power over a much tighter area, thus allowing you to repair sharper dents and being more accurate in your repairs.

Call or whatsapp me if you want to know more before making a purchase. Always happy to help. My aim is for my customers to have the right information to hand so they can make informed decisions and buy products they are happy with and have confidence in.

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