Goose Neck Pliers – for easy straightening of wheel arch edges

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Goose Necked Pliers

These simple pliers are similar to an old design of tool used by Glaziers for trimming glass, but with a number of modifications to make them more suitable to our industries needs.

If the panel has buckled when it was damaged, or even if someone has tried to pull their own dent out and the wing edge has, as they say, ‘blown’, the return on the edge of the panel will be bent and it creates a weak spot at the edge of the panel. Using these you can quickly and easily rebuild the strength back into that panel edge. Even if the return is at an acute angle like many of the modern designs tend to be, these will get right down into the root of the corner and straighten it out pretty easily. No drama.

If you can’t Get to it, you can’t repair it! With these pliers, you can get right into that lip incredibly easily without stripping out the liner.

Quite simply; got a wing edge that needs straightening out? Use Goose Necked Pliers – Make better repairs faster.

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Used for straightening wing (fender) edges without the need to remove the liner

They're not something I've made myself, but saw them while searching for other components and figured they would be a handy thing to have on my cart, so bought some for you too! 😉

These Goose Necked Pliers only weigh around 425g (15Oz). They are around 245mm long end to end, the 'Jaws' are 21mm wide and from the 'Nose' of the jaws to the back of the 'neck', so the distance you need to move the arch liner out of the way to get them in to do their job, is only around 40-45mm.

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