Hulk Tabs v2.0 – 18 Tab Mixed Variety Pack

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Mixed selection of 18 Glue Tabs by DB Dent Tools of Italy
Now you can get your hands on Europes fastest growing brand of Glue Tab right here in the UK
Buy direct from UK stock without the troubles associated with cross border shipping, importing, customs & duties.

Order before 08:00 for Next Day Delivery throughout most of mainland UK by FedEx.
This is a great value selection, containing 1 of each of various types & sizes of v2.0 Hulk Tabs, totalling 18 Glue tabs, all for a great price. Want something more specific? We offer a variety of Hulk v2.0 Tabs in two different types of material and 9 different size/shape combinations, See Here for details> [ Glue Tab Options ] We also have a limited selection of v1.0 Hulk Tabs and v2.0 Crease Tabs plus some other great aids to #MakeBetterRepairsFaster! Have a look around our store to see what else is available. If you’re in Europe, get in touch, we’ll get them shipped from a European shop.

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Hulk Tabs v2.0 are available in two different materials – Clear Green & Opaque Green and each is available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit various situations.
Version 2.0 tabs are the next generation of Glue Tab from DB Dent Tools of Italy, following on from their mightily successful Hulk Tab v1.0. Their v1.0 Hulk Tabs were Innovative & most importantly for the technician: Effective! In tests carried out, v2.0 Hulk Tabs were just as effective as the v1.0 Tabs, but with the new reinforcement at the glue disk end of the shank, the v2.0 Hulk tabs lasted up to 3x longer than the v1.0! Try em, you’ll Love em!
This selection of Hulk Glue Tabs v2.0 consists of 1 piece each of: 7mm Round Clear Green, 9mm Round Clear Green, 11mm Round Clear Green, 13mm Round Clear Green, 17mm Round Clear Green, 10mm Square Clear Green, 13mm Square Clear Green, 25mm x 8mm Clear Green, 45mm x 8mm Clear Green, 7mm Round Opaque Green, 9mm Round Opaque Green, 11mm Round Opaque Green, 13mm Round Opaque Green, 17mm Round Opaque Green, 10mm Square Opaque Green, 13mm Square Opaque Green, 25mm x 8mm Opaque Green, 45mm x 8mm Opaque Green, making a total of 18 Glue Tabs, all for a great price!
Individual type/size combinations of tab can be found Here> [5 Packs] Other selections of Hulk Tabs can be found here> [ All Glue Tab Options ]

Purchaces made before 08:00 GMT will normally ship the same day by FedEx Next Day delivery. European orders usually take up to a week for delivery, or you could buy direct from DB Dent Tools Italian based web site, here>[DB Dent Tools] or Dent-Fix Tools German based web site here>[DentFix-Tools]

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