SALE! Betag 3650 T-Hotbox ALU – (Aluminium) *Ex-Demo Model – Only One Available*

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One Only – Ex-Demo Model – Betag 3650 T-Hotbox ALU – PDR Induction Machine for Aluminium

Sorry – Now Sold! – Get in touch if you are looking for a used machine, I may know of others available. Thanks for visiting, have a great day!


Betag 3650 T-Hotbox ALU – Make better Aluminium panel repairs faster. Versions available in different voltages, but this one is the UK/EU standard voltage with a standard single phase 13 Amp 3-pin UK plug. Kit comes with Alu T-Hotbox, Heat Pen Alu, Standard Length Output Cable, instruction manual, Carry Case. This is an Ex-Demo model so may have a couple of very slight marks that you could reasonably expect to not find on a new machine, but bears no detriment to the perfect operation or overall look of the machine. (See photos for details)

There is only one machine at this price and it works just like a new one. Save yourself nearly £700quid plus VAT, but be quick! Buy it now, or the guy that looked at it yesterday may have decided to buy it today!

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The Betag T-Hotbox ALU is the undisputed industry standard when it comes to PDR Induction Machines for Aluminium.

Please, also consider this.... If you are interested in buying a longer output cable and/or a HeatSabre at the same time, get in touch and I'll do you a deal for the whole package. If you'd prefer to buy a new machine, check them out here: Betag T-Hotbox ALU – Aluminium

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