Bonnet / Hood Stand – Strong, Collapsible, and Fully Adjustable

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Strong, Sturdy, Adjustable but Collapsible Bonnet / Hood Stand. Very Versatile, very dependable piece of kit.

Italian made, very strong and sturdy, collapsible to a super small size in less than a minute with no tools needed.

Made from Steel and Aluminium, this hood stand will hold just about any panel you want it to hold without any fuss. Perfect for hoods and tailgates, equally at home holding doors or odd shaped panels. It’ has crossbars and corner brackets all making it even more versatile.

4 lockable castors on the bottom, Height adjustable for use sitting down or for use while standing up. Independently height adjustable crossbars allow tailgates to be held in their natural position for ease of repair. Two corner posts have mounting plates to hold bonnet hinge bolts, the other two corners have adjustable corner posts to support the front corners and adjust the height of each bar to give the perfect angle you want to work at.

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Strong collapsible Hood Stand – Made in Italy

I ordered these stands to sell on my web site almost a year ago, they’ve just arrived…

They are like hens teeth! very very hard to find, but they are definitely worth the wait.

I have used one of these stands myself since around 2018 and I love it. Colleagues of mine have used them for much longer and they really do stand up to the test of time. Daily use can take its toll on our equipment but I have always wanted to keep the products I sell on here to those that stand the test of time. This Hood/Bonnet stand definitely does that.

Compact while travelling between jobs

When you are ready to pack up and move on, the whole thing will collapse into a space around 24cm x 15cm x 87cm. (Including All corner brackets and Crossbars!) The cross bars fit neatly inside the concertina frame when folded down and the corner brackets slide into the ends of the crossbar leg tubes making it a really compact item when packed away. If still in regular use, but not currently holding a panel, it can be very quickly and easily “Flat Packed”, so that it can be stored out of the way without taking up valuable floor space.

Really Well Thought Out Design

All the thumb screw tighteners are shielded by a steel plate inside the square tube, so they stay reliable and free of gnarly marks on the tubular frame. The 4 sturdy braked castors hold the frame still on the floor, while in use, and once the panel is securely held down to the frame and all the thumb screws nipped up on the frame, the panel stand is solid, sturdy and holds the panel very well, giving you confidence to repair whatever you need to repair and however you need to repair it without fear of it becoming unstable or unsafe. The two crossbars can each be height adjustable, either in parallel or at an angle differential, making it almost invariably adjustable to fit almost any panel you could want it to hold!


Two Optional corner brackets support the front of the hood by sturdy rubber buffers, the two rear mounted corner brackets are designed to bolt onto the panel using the manufacturers hinge mounting bolts or studs.


Maximum distance between left and right hinge mounting studs is a massive 1770mm, the minimum distance between hole centres left and right is a mere 670mm

Maximum Distance between Crossbar Centres is 1000mm, minimum is around 120mm

Maximum Floor to Crossbar Height is 1419mm, the Rubber Buffers add even more so Max Height becomes 1525mm

Total Net Weight of stand including all corner brackets and crossbars is 13.5KG but packaging will add more if shipping.


Due to size and weight, shipping isn’t going to be cheap, so collection in person is currently set as standard, but I can get you a shipping quote if you need one. Unless otherwise arranged, you must collect it from me here in North Lincolnshire at your own cost.

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Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 87 × 15 × 24 cm