TipTamer Type 3

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Magnetic holder for the standard 5/16″UNC Screw in tips

The Type 3 is a square plate with rounded corners and bevelled scalloped edges top and bottom for finger holds to give good grip when picking it up empty or loaded. Designed to fit easily into the smaller square holes on a TDN Cart and leave enough room to get your fingers down opposite edges to remove it from the cart. Comprises 9 holes with strong magnets for holding tool tips neatly and securely, reducing your time in screwing and unscrewing them from a traditional threaded tip holder.

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The TipTamer Type 3 has 9 equally spaced holes that are far enough apart for a regular tip of 30mm (1 1/4") diameter or less to fit into every hole and still have enough finger space to pick each one out easily. The red or blue plastic covered mushroom tips for example, will fit side by side, no problem as there are fewer tips in a space only slightly smaller than that of the Type 2. If you wish to store larger diameter tips but not remove it from the cart or larger number of smaller tips, take a look at some of the other TipTamer models as some are designed with larger diameter tips in mind. The Type 3 TipTamer is around 10mm thick and has its neodymium disc magnets fitted into the bottom face. If used on a TDN cart in the small square holes, it will be a nice easy fit that won't fight you when you are trying to remove it loaded with tips. If you placed it on a steel surface, such as a steel drawer or a steel trolley top, the 9 neodymium magnets will hold it tightly to the steel and it will be fairly difficult to move or remove. (A good strong grip with one hand should do it, but it will surprise you how well it hangs on and if there is any grit or swarf between it and the substrate, sliding it could cause scratching of the surface. For this reason, it is not recommended to place it on a painted car panel, however, we produce other TipTamers with fewer magnets which will have less adhesion properties to a steel substrate, making them more suitable for taking off your cart to have handy by the panel you are working on.)

There are 11 different Coloured versions to complement your company colour scheme or cart colour, we aim to produce several different sizes to fit different tool cart sections. If you don't see what you are looking for, use the contact us page and drop us a line, we may be able to design and build exactly what you need!

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Colin Wood, Director, Woodpecker UK Ltd.

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