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“Providing World Class Dent Repair with excellent Value for Money”

Established in 1999, incorporated in 2013, but originally trained and employed back in January 1994 by Dentmaster UK Ltd.,  we have been serving the motor industry with quality Paintless Dent Repair services both in the UK and across Europe for way over 20 years.

We specialise in the Paintless repair of dents in vehicles that have been caused by hailstones and we are available for the repair of minor impact dents to private cars, vans and trucks to private individuals, trade and fleet customers together with the handful of extremely loyal customers that travel to us from far and wide or wait patiently for the time when we can visit them to have their dents repaired by the company they have known and trusted for decades.

We are really proud to say we are accredited by the Institute of the Motor Industry as a Cosmetic Paintless Dent Repair Technician and I have achieved the Level 2 IMI EV qualification to ensure your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle can be powered down safely and repaired without risk to you or your car so you can be assured of a quality service by an experienced and fully qualified professional.

IMI Accreditation Number: AT23051651171

Some of the Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

  • Value for Money – Better results, kinder to your car for less money in less time!

  • No mismatched paintwork – Existing paint finish is preserved so nobody will ever know it’s had any work done on it at all!

  • Cheaper insurance bills – Usually cheaper than your excess, so why lose your no claims bonus?

  • A faster turnaround – Minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Go for a scenic walk along the river or have lunch in our friendly local pub while you wait.

  • The Resale Value of your car is Preserved – A car with original paintwork is worth more when you come to sell it!

  • It’s environmentally friendly – No Paint, No Filler, No VOC’s, just good old fashioned skill and simple hand tools.

  • Convenience – Bring it to Us or We can come to You, whatever suits you and your circumstances!

Don’t take Our word for it – Listen to what our CUSTOMERS have to say!

“Colin and his team are amazing and what they do. I would highly recommend as I’m one satisfied customer!”

(Daniel H. – Bedfordshire, UK – December 2020)